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City of london freemens school epq information 201920 by. On epq spaces, students fill out their production log s online which can then be exported into the. Candidate record form, production log and assessment record. Students can record notes, manage their resources, and use time tracking features within their epq space to enhance their methodologies and generate bibliographies and gantt charts to aid their work. The project qualifications are processbased qualifications. For the june series each year, the entries deadline is 21 february and the deadline for the submission of workmarks is 15 may. We can also offer support to centres as you run the extended project qualification. Obelas epq logbook record your thoughts honestly there is plenty of time for your project to change, and documenting these changes will contribute to your overall mark. Active results interchange log in to the ocr repository. The recording of teaching programmes in production logs ranged from excellent to nonexistent. This production log book will be written using project q software for which you will be given a log in code. Ocr extended project qualification information including specification, exam materials, teaching resources, learning resources. Assess each students completed production log, project product and presentation at the end of the process.

Please attach the form to your candidates work and. The production log is not an admin document but rather provides the student with the backbone of their project. Just need to do my presentation and production log. The production log is a document that is used to record a students journey through the project process. These forms will help you administer the level 3 extended project qualification. Download a copy of the epq logbook several file types available below. Save the logbook under your name, using the following format. Our extended project qualification epq can provide your students with the. Students choose the topic, then plan and illustrate through a log, presentation and. In productioninventory control, economic order quantity eoq and economic production quantity epq models are used to determine the optimal order quantities for purchasing and manufacturing. These traits are assessed in a selfreport questionnaire eysenck personality questionnaire, which includes yesno answers a lie scale intended to measure the subjects tendencies to. Below you will find the aqa candidate record form that you will need to download and complete during the process of the course. Aqa project qualifications level 3 extended project. The shortform revised eysenck personality questionnaire.

We have a brilliant team of more than 60 support team members looking after discussions on the student room, helping to make it a fun, safe and useful place to hang out. I use this textbook to help memy students with epq. You should have an electronic copy of this with you at every session, so make sure you store it somewhere accessible. This video introduces the production log for the aqa epq extended project qualification. This page will be used to share useful information, reminders and resources. Epq support can offer you the tools to allow the online administration of the production log book. Epq teacher guide the production log and its purpose. This document records the working process of your project so you should be adding to it all the time do not leave it until the end to complete. Candidate record form, production log and assessment record 2021 92.

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